August 4, 2017

New Rail Across The Bay

SamTrans officials in San Mateo County released recommendations for improvements to the Dumbarton Corridor - both the auto bridge as well as the rail crossing. (The detailed analysis of this proposal won't be released until August 15).

The three phased project will not only address the access issues and congestion on both sides of the bridge, but it also serves as the missing link in connecting residents in the East Bay, Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley to jobs right here in the heart of Silicon Valley,

I want to make it abundantly clear to the residents of the 4th District, many of whom will be impacted by this project that I will listen to your concerns and work to make this a win win for my constituents and people in the larger region.

We can do this - the improvements to the auto and rail bridges are vitally important for the economic and environmental health of our region.

Think big and embrace this bold vision for our future.

Read the article in the San Mateo Daily Journal by Samantha Weigel.

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