February 13, 2015

North Fair Oaks Forward!

ON THURSDAY MORNING, a group gathered at the 2nd Annual North Fair Oaks Community Leaders Breakfast to acknowledge the amazing work underway and to recognize the leaders in business and nonprofit communities and in County government who are making things happen in North Fair Oaks.

I am truly grateful for the collaborative efforts underway to improve the quality of life in North Fair Oaks. Lots has been done this past year but I am mindful that there is much more to be done.

I wanted to share some examples of the instances last year when people raised concerns with me. Concerns regarding smoking in apartment buildings, suspicious activity around massage parlors, and a need for more workers at the South Bay recycling plant. Instances where we were able to achieve a positive result by working together. I'm referring to the Board of Supervisors approved smoking ordinance which will improve the health of the community, the updated massage parlor ordinance and enforcement by the Sheriff which resulted in the closure of nine illegal massage parlors operating in North Fair Oaks, and the creation of 50 jobs at the South Bay Recycling plant that were filled by workers from the Multi-Cultural Institute through a county contract. There are many more examples, big and small.

Thursday morning was a time to pause and reflect on the good work, say thank you, and give community leaders a better understanding about the county-led initiatives underway.

It was a great event - and I am looking forward to the year ahead and the work we will continue to do together.

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