January 31, 2015

Sometimes Your'e Just Proud to be a Part of San Mateo County

THERE ARE TIMES when being a County Supervisor in San Mateo County just makes you proud. One recent example came this week when the County and the City of East Palo Alto launched a partnership to expand the David E. Lewis Community Reentry Center.

The new partnership is a collaborative effort by the County of San Mateo and the City of East Palo Alto. It's goal is to not only keep the doors of the David E. Lewis Community Reentry Center open but also bolster the existing facility with new resources aimed at reducing recidivism and helping formerly incarcerated succeed.

On Thursday, January 29, 2015, community leaders and stakeholders gathered to celebrate.
Speaking to an audience of more than 100 attendees, I said, "Today's grand opening represent the County joint a strong team. With our combined efforts, the center will strengthen and continue services such as counseling, job placement, family support, and most importantly the radical idea that all people deserve opportunities to succeed."

In the end, what County Manager John Maltbie said to the group is true - "the fabric of the community really depends upon the successful reentry of people who were incarcerated to rebuild lives and communities."

I am proud to represent the 4th District and especially proud to have had a hand at bringing the partners together, gaining funding for the Center and for the process we collectively used to think  about what could be rather than what was.

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