November 19, 2014

Great Day for Mental Health in San Mateo County

PART OF MY campaign promise was to work to expand mental health services in San Mateo County. In keeping that promise, I voted for all three mental health items on the November 18 San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Agenda. Those projects were: Waverly Place; The Clubhouse; and, The Cordilleras Mental Health Facility. You can view the Board agenda for these items here. (Check the Regular Agenda for items 5 and 7 and the Consent Agenda for item 17).

Together, the three projects represent different approaches to our mental health issues in San Mateo County and they will individually contribute to a new, more modern approach to service delivery for those individuals and families in need of services. For additional information on mental health services in our county, click here.

The Waverly Place development is a 16-unit low-income housing project being built by the Mental Health Association in North Fair Oaks at the corner of 5th Avenue and Waverly. It will house adults struggling with mental illness who are able to live independently.

The Clubhouse is a start-up project that is based on a national mental health model. It will provide a place for adults who are recovering from mental illness to focus on re-entering everyday life, in community with others. People work together, problem-solve, socialize, seek jobs, housing and develop skills for successful living. It's current location is on Palm Avenue in San Mateo. Get more information on California Clubhouse here.

The Cordilleras project seeks to replace a building that was originally construct in 1952 for TB patients. It's outdated and costly to operate. We allocated $90 million to replace the facility with a safe, modern, more efficient treatment facility which will serve the more severely mentally ill. The new facility will create separate living quarters from the treatment center this will make some of our costs eligible for federal reimbursement dollars. Consultants have been retained to design new facilities.

The Waverly Place building will look like this facility.

Entrance to the current Clubhouse facility in San Mateo.

This is the old Cordilleras Mental Health Facility.