May 1, 2014

iCop: A New Crime Fighting App

IN THE INNER sanctum of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Offices, there’s a display case that houses numerous department artifacts dating back to the 1800s: photographs, badges and handwritten incident logs help tell the department’s storied past. Captain Chris Lathrop likes to stop and take in the department’s rich history. But Captain Lathrop’s focus is in the future – and one mobile application in particular that is making a big difference in how the department fights crime.

The mobile app developed in-house by Ventura County’s IT Department is called iCop – and it’s been a great asset to Sheriff’s Department deputies and investigators.

Believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, this mobile application interfaces with the County’s criminal justice system, allowing officers to securely search by person, address or vehicle. Results include demographics, mug shots, tattoo images, warrant information, booking history, calls for services, arrest reports and property reports. Information is returned to the field in a matter of 20 seconds or less — as compared to the hours or days it previously took.

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