April 3, 2014

Where is Deadwood City?

YEARS AGO, Redwood City was affectionately known as "Deadwood City." Why? Because there was hardly anything going on in town - the downtown, if you could call it that, was living a slow death. But take a look at the area now. There's a Century Theater, a diversity of good restaurants and a growing number of retail shops.

The big news, however, is all of the housing that's being built. Over 1,600 units are being added to the housing inventory. With that comes infrastructure needs, traffic and obviously more people.

The city has changed and continues to transform itself from a sleepy hollow to a destination where it's hard to find parking.

The video below, "Where is Deadwood City?" was created by Redwood City and tells the story of the city's transformation. It was shown at the State of the City address recently at the Fair Oaks Community Center.

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