April 8, 2014

Conclusion of the First Enrollment Period for the Affordable Care Act

MARCH 31 was the deadline to sign up for subsidized health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. At the local level, both the Health System and Human Services Agency reported high interest at enrollment sites where staff assisted many residents to complete the enrollment process with extended hours at key dates leading up to the deadline.

According to the County Manager's report, we do not have final data to share with the Board since the enrollment period just ended, we know that more than 32,000 residents have enrolled in new ACA coverage during this historic first open enrollment. This includes almost 14,000 residents newly eligible for Medi-Cal and enrolled as of April 1 and more than 18,000 residents enrolled in a private health plan through Covered California as of March 1. We look forward to updating these data with the results of the high volume of residents whom County staff assisted during the month of March.

An indication of the additional enrollments expected is that as of March 5, San Mateo County received 14,273 Medi-Cal applications. During the final week of March, HSA's call center received 5,609 calls for applications so we know the number of applications is going to rise once we have final numbers.

Covered California has announced an extension for some residents to enroll past the deadline. This is to address the problems that the Covered California enrollment system experienced during the final days as it was overwhelmed and residents had difficulty completing the process on their website. For residents who were unable to create an online account due to technical difficulties and for those who didn't complete their full application, they have until midnight on April 15 to complete their applications. 

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