November 4, 2013

No To Internet Voting In British Columbia - For Now At Least

THE INDEPENDENT Panel on Internet Voting in British Columbia has issued its draft report on that topic. They recommend against implementing Internet voting at this time.

Input is requested on the preliminary report through December 4, 2013.

To guide members of the Legislative Assembly, and potentially local government officials, in their task of weighing the benefits and risks of Internet voting, the panel sets forth the following recommendations:
  1. Do not implement universal Internet voting for either local or provincial government elections at this time. However, if Internet voting is implemented, its availability should be limited to those with specific accessibility challenges. If Internet voting is implemented on a limited basis, jurisdictions need to recognize that the risks to the accuracy of the voting results remain substantial.
  2. Take a province-wide coordinated approach to Internet voting.
  3. Establish a technical committee to evaluate Internet voting systems and support jurisdictions that wish to implement approved systems.
  4. Evaluate any Internet voting system against the principles established by the panel: 
-Ballot anonymity
-Individual and independent verifiability
-Non-reliance on the trustworthiness of the voter's device(s) One vote per voter
-Only count votes from eligible voters
-Process validation and transparency
-Service availability
-Voter authentication and authorization

Read the report here >

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