October 26, 2013

North Fair Oaks Youth Step Up To Educate The Community

THE NORTH Fair Oaks Community Plan will guide the future development of that community. For several months outreach efforts have attempted to bring plan details to the residents and business owners of North Fair Oaks.

Today there was a unique outreach event.
The North Fair Oaks Community Plan Youth Academy sponsored a youth fair at the Community Center. The event featured booths staffed by members of the Academy who graduated from a five week program aimed at educating them about the details of the NFO Community Plan - specifically Parking, Parks, Health and Zoning topics.

There was a booth for each of those topics that featured illustrations, pictures and other related materials. I visited each of the booths and listened to the presentations and asked questions of the youth. They were well trained and knew the details of their particular area of speciality.

The idea is that these neighborhood kids, who clearly have a stake in the future of North Fair Oaks, will go out into the community and talk with adults about the plan and its details. While one of many outreach strategies, this strategy has many potential benefits.

Mayor Alicia Aguirre and I were honored to hand out commendations for each of the graduates. We also had the pleasure of saying a few words to the kids and their families.

The North Fair Oaks Youth Initiative deserves a great deal of thanks for putting this all together.

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