September 25, 2013

Three Redrawn District Maps Approved For Board of Supervisors To Consider

A MAP that would split Menlo Park into two San Mateo County supervisorial districts but unite Redwood City into one emerged as the favorite among three that a committee endorsed Tuesday night.

The group forwarded the three ranked maps to the Board of Supervisors, which is scheduled to review them Oct. 8.

Dubbed "Community Unity 4" because it was revised four times since June, the preferred map essentially leaves intact the top part of the county -- District 5 -- as a "majority-minority Asian district" and places all of Redwood City, east Menlo Park, East Palo Alto and North Fair Oaks in District 4.

Committee member Gonzalo "Sal" Torres, a Daly City council member, said the Community Unity 4 map does the best job of not dividing cities while also forging "communities of interest."

Six of the nine committee members voted to make that map their top choice. The other three -- supervisors Adrienne Tissier and Warren Slocum and public representative William Nack, a Menlo Park resident and San Mateo County Building Trades Council business manager -- abstained.

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