September 22, 2013

Open Checkbook Debuts in San Mateo County

DURING MY campaign for County Supervisor, I often suggested that we needed to publish the county's checkbook online. The idea was to become more transparent and accountable in the area of public finance.

I am pleased to announce that San Mateo County has launched "Open Checkbook," a free public database detailing the checks written by county departments and agencies. It's the public's window into county spending.

Open Checkbook lists payments of $5,000 or more issued for goods and services at all county-operated sites, from health clinics in Daly City to social service centers in East Palo Alto. You can find it at:

Open Checkbook is for those without an accounting degree or hours on their hands to pore over complex economic data - it offers an easy to use search engine that contains reams of raw financial data that residents are welcome to mine, sift, analyze and cross-reference as they wish.

Check out Open Checkbook here.

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