September 7, 2012

Economic Indicator Dashboard Brings Transparency to Local Government

REDWOOD CITY, California has unveiled a very cool online tool, the economic indicators dashboard. It delivers information on the city's current conditions like sales tax data and the value of building permits issued.

The dashboard also includes at-a-glance information such as commercial building data and links, sales tax by business segments and districts, top sales tax generators, top private employers and economic news related to the city.

Vice Mayor Jeff Gee and council members Rosanne Foust and Jeff Ira, both members of the mayor's economic development subcommittee, helped create the dashboard and its web pages.

The site also includes a feedback page for users to tell the city what other kinds of information they'd like to access and what new businesses would be a valuable addition to the city.

San Mateo County and other jurisdictions could benefit from an Economic Indicator Dashboard!

Visit the site at

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