August 17, 2012

One Company's Fix for Jobless Veterans

THEY ARE everywhere, but we don't usually see them - the nearly 300,000 of the 2.4 million veterans of the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan who are without work. That's a 12% unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a veteran recently said, "It's like people say, 'Thank you for your service...but don't ask me for a job.'"

They deserve better. So this past spring at TiVo they filled a conference room with veterans on staff and said, "We're not doing enough for people getting out of the military. Figure it out." Those veterans of wars going back to Vietnam took 90 minutes to conceive and design a paid annual internship program for men and women just getting out of the military, or who have recently finished school after service.

The TiVo Summer Veterans Intern Program is based on two ideas. First: Since we have internships for college students, why not vets? Second, a resume credential "buffer," such as the internship, answers the critical question of whether a veteran can successfully transition to civilian employment.

Read more about TiVo's creative program for vets here >

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