August 24, 2012

California Legislature May Ease Rules for Voters to Cast Ballots

THE CALIFORNIA legislature, in its final days of Capitol action in 2012, might reform state election law, generally making it easier for voters to cast their ballots.

Assembly Bill 1436 would allow voter registration right up until just before the polls close on Election Day. If passed and signed into law by Governor Brown, it would put California on par with ten other states and the District of Columbia in allowing some form of "same day" voter registration.

Assembly Bill 2054 would allow an absentee voter to return their vote by mail ballot at any polling place in the state on Election Day.

Assembly Bill 1466 would loosen the rules on ballots that don't arrive on Election Day. Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is seeking to give voters an extra 72 hours for their vote to count - as long as it's been postmarked by Election Day, or if the voter signs a legal certification that the ballot was filled out on time. Current rules require the ballot to be in the hands of elections officials by the time the polls close. If not, the ballot is not counted.

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