June 11, 2012

Designing New Digital Public Spaces to Engage a Disconnected Public

GOVERNMENT POLICY is written by those who show up. Unfortunately, most of us don't. Most don't see the point: we don't trust government. Or politicians. And we don't believe that there's anything we can do to influence them. "Digital" can help change this. Not set democracy on fire, suddenly re-igniting our latent passions for civic engagement. But just maybe break down the barriers so it's easier to take part. Our personal tipping point is reached sooner, sustained longer.

None of this is new. The democratic drift in mature democracies started in the 1950s and has caused serious erosion in political participation and trust. And a concomitant complacent absolution of responsibility for our civic spaces. We delegate to elected representatives, public officials and - increasingly - private corporations.

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