May 11, 2012

The Need for a Mobile Election App

AS ELECTION day approaches, it brings to mind the fact that San Mateo County voters could benefit from a mobile election app. It's not impossible - voters in Louisiana have a new tool to help them prepare for the next election.

The Louisiana election app works on IOS devices and Android operating systems. Users can find out whether they are registered, an address and map of their polling place and the contents of their ballot. Voters can also enter their name or address to access personalized data.

According to a Louisiana Secretary of State official, the app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times to date.

The Secretary of State's office has another mobile app in development to help improve voting access for military and overseas voters. The app will allow voters to register online and receive their absentee ballot electronically. These overseas voters will also be able to mark their ballots online and then return their ballots in the mail.

They're also planning to add subscription-based email notifications to voters, pertaining to Louisiana elections which is aimed at keeping voters engaged in the political process.

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