February 2, 2012

No More Angling for a Seat Next to the Boss: Stand Up Meetings Have Arrived

IN SOME fast-moving high tech circles, sitting at meetings has become synonymous with sloth. Take the case of Atomic Object, a Grand Rapids, Michigan, software-development company. It holds company meetings first thing in the morning and employees must follow strict rules: Attendance is mandatory, nonwork chitchat is kept to a minimum and everyone has to stand up.

The object is to eliminate long-winded confabs where participants pontificate, play Angry Birds on their cellphones or tune out.

Atomic Object even frowns upon tables during meetings. "They make it too easy to lean or rest laptops," explains Michael Marsiglia, vice president. At the end of the meetings, which rarely last more than five minutes, employees typically do a quick stretch and then, according to the Wall Street Journal, "go on with their day."

Holding meetings standing up isn't new. Some military leaders did it during World War I.

>Read more about the thinking behind "stand up meetings" here.

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