January 8, 2012

Zapaday: A Global, Public Events Calendar

I USE Zapaday because I might be addicted to information research and this webapp gives me lots of the stuff I crave.

Zapaday is a free global events calendar you can tap into to find out what's happening - from holidays to cultural events, trivia, facts and news. It scrapes 4,000+ sites for future events and also pulls important public calendars. Numerous sub-sections categorize upcoming events in a wide variety of ways and the site contains sections on countdowns to events, fairs and festivals and business exhibitions and conferences (and a great deal more).

To stay up to date, you can browse by event category and then subscribe to iCal feeds in Google Calendar, Outlook and other calendar apps.

If you need to monitor what's happening - or going to happen - around the world or for a given topic, connect with Zapaday.

> Visit Zapaday here

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