January 25, 2012

Web Tool for Creating Easy to Understand Budgets

BUDGET VISION is similar to Wikipedia, but built specifically for city and town budgets. It's an easy way to create, view, edit and collaborate with others to learn more about how a city or town generates revenue and spends money.

Budget Vision charges a monthly fee which ranges from $29 for a small hamlet with less than 1,000 people to $1,000 a month for a metropolis of over 500,000 people.

The app is web based and lists several reasons why cities might want to use it that include: it's printable, allows for comparisons, contains interactive charts, allows comments, is capable of imports and exports, has trends charting capability and provides for goal setting.

Take a look at Hancok, Maine's budget.

Seems like the Budget Vision app might be a good way to simplify important financial data for the public and at a pretty reasonable price it may be just the ticket.

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