January 26, 2012

Russia Puts Webcams in Polling Places

IN A BID to prevent vote fraud, the Russian government has begun installing web cameras at polling stations, nationwide.

In a report, The Moscow Times says, the "...unprecedented and ambitious effort was ordered by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the wake of mass protests over alleged ballot-box stuffing and other "irregularities" in last month's elections for the lower house of parliament, which Putin's ruling United Russia party.

The program to place cameras at 93,000 polling stations will cost about $478 million. Cameras won't be set up in about 1,000 stations in prisons, hospitals, military units and in "far flung areas of the Novgorod region serving about 1,900 residents, officials said.

On February 1, a site is to be launched to allow anyone to watch voting at any poll place.

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