January 25, 2012

Public Invited to Design a New Voting System

LOS ANGELES County has an aging voting system and the public is invited to participate in designing a new one. Asking the question, "How might we design an accessible election experience for everyone," the county introduced its challenge.

The challenge is being conducted in partnership with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Accessible Voting Technology Initiative and is funded by a grant from the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission. The challenge runs from January 24 through March 22.

The initiative aligns with the County's broader effort to modernize the current voting system through a collaborative, participatory and transparent process. The underlying goal of the initiative is to design, acquire and implement a new voting system that meets the needs of current and future Los Angeles County voters.

This will prove to be an interesting crowdsourced project. The difficult part will come at the end when  it's time to design and build a voting system. There are many hurdles to overcome but we do wish LA County every success - God knows we need better voting systems.

Some of the difficult issues presented by the development of a new voting system include:

1) Must meet the needs of election professionals

2) Must be secure, accurate and dependable (and withstand the close scrutiny of computer scientists)

3) Can get certified through the California Secretary of State's mandatory certification process

4) Is easy enough for poll workers to set up and operate

5) Any new voting system must allow all voters to vote privately and quickly

6) It's a costly proposition to build, manufacture and sell voting systems

>Participate in this challenge by going here

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