January 4, 2012

Political Junkies Get New Online Tool to Track Presidential Race

AN ONLINE social analytics firm, SocialBakers.com, has launched a new online Web service that allows users to track social media reach by the presidential candidates, to be updated daily.

The SocialBakers' page called 'US Elections 2012' shows that former Governor Mitt Romney has the most fans by a significant margin (1,259,515 Fans) over the other GOP contenders but comes no where close to matching President Obama's 24,327,200 fans.

The site also shows fan growth, how many people engaged with each candidate's page last week and lots more. One of the most interesting features of the site is the section entitled, "Most Engaging Post." Basically this section measures the impact of what the candidates say to their fans measured by "Likes" and "Comments."

>Visit the site

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