January 29, 2012

Nevada Caucus Results to be Shared on Twitter

THE NEVADA Republican Party announced that it will release its official caucus results live on Twitter and will also use Google maps to display the live results visually on its website.

While it's the second time election results were reported via Google maps - Iowa did it in January - it's the first time a live Twitter stream has been dedicated to reporting official results.

"The Nevada Republican Party wanted to be very innovative, very cutting edge, and utilize these platforms as a way to get these results out in the fastest most effective way we think that has been done to date," said Jim Anderson of Cap Public Affairs, the consulting firm hired by the party to help conduct the caucuses. "We think we've to a tool for this caucus that could be a model tool moving forward for primaries and caucus for states all around the country."

Before the results are released, Twitter will authenticate the party's handle = @nvgop - to ensure the information is secure and accurate. That handle, which had only 609 followers as of noon Friday, will be used to report aggregate results. A second Twitter handle will be established to report precinct-by-precinct results as they come in. The name of that handle hasn't been released.

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