January 3, 2012

Iowa Caucuses: Tracking the Results Live

IT'S EASY to beat up on Iowa. Everyone loves to criticize the power it has in the presidential selection process every four years. But there are also lessons and insights out of the quadrennial caucus vote - particularly if you go beyond who wins and losses and look at what happens in a broader context. Patchwork Nation's demographic/geographic types offer some insights into this with its "live map."

The map, created by John Keefe and the good people at WYNC (also check out their 'live chat' feature for tonight's results), will fill with live results as they come in from Iowa through Google. It shows not only who's in winning in each of the state's 99 counties, but, it also shows how the candidates are doing among the geographic/demographic county groupings below.

The county grouping/categories are:

  • Monied Burbs
  • Campus and Careers
  • Service Worker Centers
  • Evangelical Epicenters
  • Immigration Nation
  • Emptying Nests
  • Tractor Country
  • Boom Towns

Just mouse over the map to see how the candidates are performing in each county and click on the types in the key shown on the site to see how they are doing in each type across the state.

>Visit Patchwork Nation's map

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