January 8, 2012

Crowdsourced Ideas Make Participating in Government Cool Again

HARNESSING THE knowledge citizens and government employees are willing to share on social media applications in the public sector is one of the most difficult things to do in the era of Government 2.0. Every day thousands of citizens are commenting on government Facebook posts and blog entries or reshare information published on Twitter. Rarely has government the opportunity to harvest innovative ideas and knowledge that is published through these channels. The main reason for many agencies to set up an organizational account is still "to be where the people are." Recently Open Innovation platforms have started to address this disconnect and are providing an easy access to participate in making government cool again.

Social media tools, such as blogs, Twitter or Facebook, are great channels to collect and encourage citizens to provide their insights on the issues and plans of government. Unfortunately, today's standard social networking services do not have the capability to automatically extract and collect new knowledge or ideas from content that citizens are submitting through existing commenting channels.

Open innovation platforms are designed to fill this gap.

>Read Ines Mergel's entire article entitled, "Crowdsourced Ideas Make Participating in Government Cool Again," that appeared in a special edition of PA Times, published by the American Society of Public Administration here

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