January 5, 2012

Can a Webapp Motivate You to Achieve More?

IF YOU'RE like me, you make new year's resolutions. The year starts with good intentions like, "get to the gym three times a week." What often happens to many of us, however, is that most resolutions fail because they're too vague, too hard or just lack a doable plan of how to get from there to there.

Many experts say that the best way to achieve a goal is to make the goal public. Another suggestion is to harness the assistance of your social network or some kind of a support group.

iDoneThis does just that - everyday it sends you a reminder about your goal and asks you, "What'd you get done today?" You reply to the email to make an entry on the calendar. One of the webapp users says, "I respond to my iDoneThis emails every day. I love it because it helps me reflect on what I've accomplished in a day."

What's makes iDoneThis unique is how it matches you up with people who have the same or similar resolutions/goals.

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