January 18, 2012

Better Activism Day Livestream

TODAY, JANUARY 18TH many sites are dark in protest over SOPA/PIPA. The blackout is important - it raises awareness and helps people get motivated to act on the bills.

To learn more about online activism and how Congress works, join 'Better Activism Day' where you'll learn through a livestream of experts who will talk about how to improve your power in Washington from people who've been successful at making change.

The tentative agenda:

Introduction by Clay Johnson
Understanding 'Theory of Change' with Lola Elfman
How a Bill Becomes a Law with Ernest Falcon
The Outside Game: Media and Persuasion Tactics with Kari Frisch
How to Watch What Congress Does with Jeremy Carbaugh
I Am a Lobbyist, Ask Me Anything with Andrew Shore
I Used to Answer Phones at a Congress Office
Delivering Effective Messages to Congress with Marci Harris

> Learn more here or just watch the live cast down below.

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