December 24, 2011

'Yes We Scan,' A Project to Bring the Library of Congress to the Internet

THE CENTER for American Progress' John Podesta and open-government pioneer Carl Malamud are heading up a new effort called "Yes We Scan." It's a call for the federal government to do a better job of digitizing all of Washington's many cultural treasures, from the Library of Congress to the National Technical Information Service, and making them available online.

In a letter addressed to President Barrack Obama, the site calls on the White House to conduct a comprehensive review of current archiving efforts and come up with a plan on how to proceed from there.

The letter says in part, "Locked in our federal vaults is a tremendous storehouse of information that if digitized would form a core for our digital public libraries in America with huge benefit for our county: cutting costs in the Federal government, creating jobs throughout America, and revolutionizing how we educate our citizens, how we practice law, and how we create news, art, and scholarly works."

A corresponding petition on the White House's e-petitioning platform, We the People has 441 (as of December 24) signatures. If it gets 25,000 signatures before January 20, the White House will be obliged to respond.

>Read the complete letter to the president here

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