December 22, 2011

Warren's Top Web Products of 2011

THE END of the year always brings predictions, summaries and lists of things that folks got right and wrong. Well, here's my list for 2011.

I've listed my top web/app products (couldn't live without) in no particular order.

How does it compare to your list? Let me know in the comments!

1. Evernote - this is my go-to product for organizing. I use Evernote for most capturing everything from taking notes, capturing web sites I want to remember, good camping spots, business notes, to restaurants and directions.

2. Dropbox -Despite the fact that I have Apple's iCloud service, I still use Dropbox to store and sync my important files.

3. Blogger - I have tried other blogging platforms but keeping coming back to the ease of use of Blogger.

4. Google+ - Another social network? If you're into photography, you can discover a great network of photographers on Google+ and lots more!

5. Instapaper - I load up Instapaper with articles that I want to read and then I read those later on my iPad at the Pete's in San Carlos, California.

6. Canary - I actually have three browsers on my system but this is my "go to" browser.

7. News360 - This is a news service but one of the things I especially like is that it is that it gathers all the news on a single news object and lets you read different takes on the topic. Beautiful images in a single intuitive stream make this a winner.

8. Kindle for iPad - I read books these days on my Kindle iPad app. Right now I am reading 'Back to Work' by former President Bill Clinton.

9. Tom Tom for iPhone - This GPS navigation software is a life saver. I use it all the time while driving around the Bay Area.

10. Camera+ - Being an amateur photographer, I take loads of pictures. This iPhone app is feature rich and easy to use.

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