December 29, 2011

Start 2012 With the Right "To Do List"

AS IT comes closer to the new year, I find myself wanting to get more organized. And as the Wall Street Journal said, "The first item on a highly successful to-do list: Make a better to do list."

That's exactly why I'm searching for a better to-do list. "I want to be more successful, have less stress, stay focused and get more done."

I currently use great to-do tools like "Things," "Google Tasks" and Apple's "Reminders." Maybe that's the problem.

In my OCD'ness, I have become compulsive about organizing tools.

How could this happen?

My guess is that's it's because no application is perfect - not even the old school pen and paper method. Each system leaves something to be desired.

Just this morning, I was late for a business meeting despite my to-do list software. Fortunately a colleague texted me so I was only 10 minutes behind schedule but nonetheless, it was embarrassing walking in late.

See that's just it - there are NO guarantees even if you use the tools.

The market is loaded with to-do list choices. The hard part is selecting just the right one for your purposes and sticking with it. (Don't go with several like I have done. It just doesn't work).

Here are four great to-do list mangers to help you start the new year off on the right foot:

Remember the Milk

Life Balance


Google Tasks

Paper - you know the drill

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