December 23, 2011

SOPA Bill Supporters

HEARD OF SOPA? If not, it's a bill that was introduced in the United States House of Representatives by Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas and a bipartisan group of 12 initial co-sponsors. The bill expands the ability of U.S. law enforcement and copyright holders to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. (Read 'What is SOPA and how does it work - The Stop Online Piracy Act Explained').

Proponents of the bill say it protects the intellectual property market and corresponding industry, job and revenue and is necessary to bolster enforcement of copyright laws especially against foreign websites. Opponents say that it infringes on First Amendment rights, is Internet censorship, will cripple the Internet and will threaten whistle-blowing and other free speech.

The House Judiciary Committee held hearings on SOPA on November 16 and December 15 and will continue the debate when Congress returns from its winter recess.

The widely-hated SOPA is causing its supporters to suffer boycotts. Organizations such as GoDaddy and 3M are being targeted by serious activism.

Curious to know which corporations are backing the bill that could threaten the future of an uncensored Internet?

Below is that list, care of the House Judiciary Committee and DailyKos - the list has a number of unsurprising suspects as well as some that will leave you puzzled.

 >More background on SOPA and statements and letters of support - here
SOPA Supporters

>NOTE: Scratch GoDaddy's name off the list of supporters. Seems like the online activism aimed at the company caused them to change their position. Read GoDaddy's press release and statement here.

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