December 12, 2011

Occupy Video Showcases Live Streaming

THE NEW York Times' Jen Preston looks at how video streaming services are getting renewed interest after Occupy Wall Street.

She says that "now, the huge amount of user-generated live video produced by the Occupy Wall Street movement has delivered what could be a watershed moment for Ustream and Livestream, potentially helping them gain the audience needed to become viable businesses."

"With cellphones, iPads and video cameras affixed to laptops, Occupy participants showed that almost anyone could broadcast live news online. In addition, they could help build an audience for their video by inviting people to talk about what they were seeing."

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Note: When I was writing these words, I was watching an Occupy protest live at the Port of Oakland. The broadcaster said, "there is no media coverage" but there are 250 people watching online." I watched the live stream for around 20 minutes and the number of viewers climbed to about 340. In addition, I asked the guy who was taking the video a question via Twitter and he answered during the video.

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