December 1, 2011

MINDMIXER MIGHT sound like something from a recent science fiction novel. Or maybe you'd guess it's some kind of cocktail served up a chic watering holes.

In both cases, you'd be wrong.

MindMixer is a virtual town hall service dedicated to municipal and government planning projects. The company claims that it's straight forward platform can generate a broader audience and create more effective community participation, leading to measurable results and invaluable insights for community leaders and elected officials.

MindMixer is simple to use.

Step 1. Users submit ideas.
Step 2. Feedback shared.
Step 3. The community supports good ideas.

For a working example of MindMixer, go to LA/2B.

LA/2B is a project site between the City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. It's purpose is to solicit ideas and insights that will keep the city moving in the 21st Century. Favorite streets, bike lanes and street uses are among some of the topics posted for discussion. Street changes and getting around LA are also hot topics.

MindMixer obviously doesn't have to be just about transportation - it could be used for any community topic. Kansas City uses it to gather information on ideas that could help improve their community and Lincoln, Nebraska uses it to generate broad ideas about building a better community. Check out other examples here.

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