December 16, 2011

Introducing the Open Data Portal for Cook County Government

COOK COUNTY has an open data portal and it's a great example of using government data to help people. Take a minute and look around to see what's possible.

Some of the data that is available includes:

1. Cook County Contracts

2. Outpatient Registrations by Zip Code (visualization)

3. Taxes Collected

4. Contact Information Map of Elected Officials (visualization)

5. Government Services Locator (visualization)

6. Check Register

7. Top 5 Sheriff's Police Violations (visualization)

8. Cook County Mortgages (visualization)

Below is an example of the government services locator visualization.

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The data catalog includes data for courts, finance and administration, economic development, GIS, healthcare, public safety, parks and property and taxation. There are also eight video tutorials that will help guide the user through various processes. And finally, the Cook County Open Government Plan is included at the portal.

> Take a look here

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