December 19, 2011

Help Select the Country's Agenda with MTV's "Power of 12' Campaign

TODAY MTV unvelied the first phase of its 2012 Election Campaign, 'Power of 12,' which aims to inform and engage young voters and amplify their voices throughout the 2012 elections.

Details of the initial elements of MTV's Power of 12 include:

- Fantasy Election 12. MTV will build a game layer on top of the election and offer young people a new way to become power players in the electoral process.

- Our Voice. MTV will premiere a first-person news documentary on-air and online by Andrew Jenks that takes the temperature of young voters and brigns their concerns and priorities directly to the GOP Presidential candidates.

- When I was 22. In early 2012, MTV news will premiere the documentary, "When I was 22," which will give viewers a unique look inside the lives of the Presidential candidates when they were 22 years old.

- MTV has unveiled a new Web site that will feature a stream of the election news that is most relevant to its audience, snapshot views of the political candidates, easy-to-understand primers on the major issues that affect young people in the election and information for first-time voters.

- MTV News coverage. As always, MTV News will be on-the-ground, covering the major political events leading up to and following election 2012.

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