December 4, 2011

Google Plus for Candidates and Politicans

POLITICAL CANDIDATES already are looking to Facebook and Twitter to spread the word for the upcoming 2012 election. Now, Google Plus is another option.

A few public officials and presidential candidates already are using Google plus for their cause.

One example presented in Google Plus' online guide for lawmakers, campaigners and governments is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is using a Google Plus page to poll his constituents on "hot-button" issues such as whether or not corporations should be limited on how much they can spend on campaign donations. Since the post on November 9, nearly 30 discussions comments have been posted on Sanders' page.

Other examples of politicians using Google Plus include Michigan Governor Rick Synder who posts messages that are targeted to different constituencies, and how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney posts spoke with prospective voters in a real-time video chat.

Another GOP contender, Newt Gingrich, was first among the presidential candidates to use Google Plus by joining in July. He has since hosted video chats through the network.

Chicago's Rahm Emanuel is believed to be the first mayor of a major U.S. city with a Google Plus page.

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