December 24, 2011

EAC Issues Formal Investigation Report on ES&S DS 200 Precinct Optical Scanner

GENERALLY SPEAKING, voters like the precinct based optical scanners that take a paper ballot and count it and deposit into a secure ballot box. But like I've always said, 'there is no perfect voting system.'

Now the Election Assistance Commission has completed its formal investigation into the Election Systems & Software's DS200 Precinct Count Optical Scanner. The conclusion is that there are three "anomalies" - they include:

1. Intermittent screen freezes, system lockups and shutdowns that prevents the voting system from operating in the manner in which it was designed.

2. Failure to log all normal and abnormal voting system events.

3. Skewing of the ballot resulting in a negative effect on system accuracy.

The manufacturer now has the opportunity to respond to the report and provide additional information. The EAC investigation was initiated by the organization as a result of information contained in an article in The Cleveland Plain Dealer published on April 14, 2010, about a freeze/shutdown issue experienced in Cuyahoga County, Ohio during pre-election testing.

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