December 31, 2011

Can Technology Bring Couples Closer Together?

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SINGLE PEOPLE use sites like to find that special someone. But what about if you've already found your true love - there hasn't been a social network site or app for couples. But three emerging startups aim to change that.


Between - Your Love Story 2 from VCNC on Vimeo.

Between is a mobile service that provides a secret place for lovers to communicate and keep their precious moments. It's "your love story" documented. With this app, you can build a 1:1 archive that includes chat history, photo albums and customized message board with your partner.


Tokii might be the world's first relationship management platform. It allows you to trade favors, learn about each other and play games together. It's designed for the busy couple and looks like an interesting way to make sure you are always communicating with your significant other. We like the "make a trade" module.


Introducing Duet from Crush + Lovely on Vimeo.

Duet hopes to bring the romance back to one-on-one communication, serving as a starting point for doing things with the people you love. The most special aspect of Duet is that as you add Duets, you compile a list of dreams, goals and/or desires as a couple.

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