December 26, 2011

Call for Papers on Broadband Adoption

AS GOVERNMENT services, political discourse and commerce expand online, policymakers and public interest organizations are promoting broadband adoption among people who are not currently using the Internet, or using it marginally. Yet there is little discussion of what adoption means or how it can be measures. For lack of a better indicator, agencies and researchers often use the metric of home subscription numbers, which tell us very little about the different modes or locations of access which may be more relevant for some populations, nor about the effects of adoption on new users and communities.

In light of the challenges, the Open Technology Initiative at the New America Foundation is calling for proposals that address the question: "What is meaningful broadband adoption, and how can we measure it? Authors of successful proposals will be invited for a day-long workshop at the New American Foundation in Washington, DC, to present and discuss answers to the broadband measurement question.

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