December 15, 2011

California Website's Glitches Block Online Tracking of Campaign Donations

WITH JUST six months until the June primary election, campaign cash is starting to flow to candidate and ballot measure committees.

But for much of the past two weeks, technological difficulties have blocked the public's ability to track the transaction online.

Cal-Acccess, the 12-year-old portal for filing campaign finance and lobbying reports, has been down for all but 30 hours since November 30.

But with fundraising for the 2012 ballot measures and candidate campaigns ramping up, the repeated failures of the state's only online disclosure database for campaign and lobbying reports is troubling for advocates.

> Read more including the Secretary of State's comments on the downtime and the need for millions of dollars for a new system.

Note: This problem is ripe for a 'civic hackathon.' Why not get state officials, users, developers and other interested parties together to identify the problems and develop a prototype solution in a collaborative environment? Someone at the state level should take a leadership role in making this happen - despite what the article claims, it doesn't seem like a new system should costs millions.

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