December 13, 2011

California Allows Campaign Contributions Via Text Messaging

POLITICAL DONORS are now free to contribute to their favorite California candidates via text message, says the Fair Political Practices Commission.

California is the first state in the nation to allow political contributions through what is becoming a popular method of donating to charities and disaster relief effort.

The FPPC said, "The main goal is to broaden voter participation by offering a mechanism to include citizens in the political process who normally do not participate in campaigns and elections, particularly the younger generation."

It's now up to the wireless carriers and campaigns to implement systems that permit contributions by text message. The concept is similar to texting a donation to a disaster relief fund or a charity. A person can simply send a text message to donate to his/her favorite candidate or cause. The donation amount would be included in the donor's monthly phone bill and when the bill is paid, the campaign would get the contribution.

> Vist the FPPC

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