December 18, 2011

Be More Than a Citizen, Be a Votizen

OVER LUNCH the other day, David Binetti, Founder and CEO of 'Votizen,' told me that the easiest way to describe Votizen is that it's the Linkedin of politics.

But it's a lot more than that - it's a way to change campaigning and the political conversation.

Votizen's mission is to create a connected electorate, where real voters establish and build on direct relationships with those who seek and hold elected office.

It's described as an online network of real voters who have expressed their commitment to be engaged citizens. A free service, Votizen allows its members - Votizens - to claim their voter profile, learn about issues and elections and take collective action with other committed voters through social media.

Backed by the original investors in Facebook and Twitter, Votizen is an independent company no affiliated with any political party, candidate or special interest group.

Jump to 2 minutes in on the video below and listen to Sean Parker, Napster's co-founder and an early Facebook booster,  talk about Votizen and the future of government. Also, if you are a candidate or interested in politics and changing the conversation, check out Votizen.

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