December 30, 2011

Audio Bulb Wireless Music System

I KNOW a great idea when I see one. Well, most of the time.

You decide on this one.

Audio Bulbs represents one of the best ideas of 2011 - they're a combination of speaker/light bulb. You screw them into any lamp or ceiling fixture and suddenly you have yourself a wireless sound system in your home or office. There's a transmitter for your sound source and for controlling the dimming level of these LED bulbs.

I was originally thinking of getting several of these bulbs for the family room but at $300 each I had to rethink my strategy.

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised that when you consider the complexity of this product that you would find it too costly. Imagine if you had to put speakers through out your house using traditional wiring? How long would that take and how much would that cost? I don't own these but I've installed wired ones and this seems remarkably inexpensive.