December 20, 2011

2012 Election Mobile Apps

GEARING UP for the 2012 Presidential Election? Check out the apps below - got one that's great that I've left out - give a shout!

+ Election Day 2012 Countdown (for Windows or for Mac) lets you know how much time you have left to get your decisions squared away.

+ Political Fury is a top-rated trivia iPhone app that lets users engage in political debates with other players.

+ While not an app, exactly, Rock the Vote mobile updates only add to the phone-as-political-advisor movement, shooting you news and reminders along with reminders to get to the polls.

+ The New York Times Election 2012 app claims to be the best campaign coverage anywhere.

+ The highlights and sound bytes on The Daily Show app might be worthy of the $1.99 price tag.

+ Obama 2012 is exactly what it sounds like. If you want something silly, try Bachmann-eyeze.

+ Election 2012 allows you to quickly check possible election outcomes.

+ Campaign 2012 is billed as "your source for up-to-date information including news, opinions and analysis," about the prez race

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Sell Electronics said...

Interesting but sounds more prone to election sabotage.