December 30, 2011

2011 Gov 2.0 Year in Review

THE BEST Gov 2.0 writer on the planet, Alex Howard, takes a look at the themes, moments and achievements that made an impact in 2011. The article contains sections on the following and is a must read for anyone interested in how technology is changing civic life, politics, government and neighborhoods.

To entice you, here are the sections of the article.

  • Three dominant tech policy issues
  • A meme goes mainstream
  • Gov 2.0 goes local
  • Rise of the civic startups
  • Emerging civic media
  • Open source government
  • Open government goes global
  • Federal open government initiatives
  • Opening the People's House
  • Open data
  • Open mapping
  • Social media use grows in government
  • Intellectual property and Internet freedom
  • The year ahead

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