November 29, 2011

True the Vote Movement Causes Concerns

NOT ONLY are Americans divided over the presidential candidates, they appear to be divided over how people should vote for those candidates.

Texas tea partyers have launched an election-monitoring effort designed to weed out voter fraud. Civil rights groups call it an elaborate intimidation scheme targeting minority voters. "They're trying to put in place a solution for a problem that doesn't exist," said Judith Browne-Dianis, co-director of the Advancement Project, adding that voter fraud is uncommon.

Still, the tea party poll watchers point to errors in voter registration rolls as proof that the system is broken. By monitoring elections, they seek to prevent double voting, voter impersonation and ballots cast by illegal residents. Their website claims that "Election fraud attacks the heart of our political system and threatens our rights as citizens. What will you do about it?"

The group has raised $140,000 and has already provided election-monitoring training to tea party groups in 30 states through its "True the Vote" project. They hope to train 1 million people by next year's elections.

True The Vote 2011 from Sondra Martin Hicks on Vimeo.

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