July 13, 2011

The Mobile Way to Biz

AS THE article posted on ReadWriteWeb.com said, "It's not exactly breaking news that mobile technologies are changing the way we work and enabling employees to be productive regardless of their location. What's interesting is the pace at which they appear to be doing so.

71% of small businesses report that their employees use mobile technologies to work outside the office, according to a
new survey published by portfolio.com. On the average, these mobile workers get about 50% of their work done outside the office thanks in large part to smart phones and tablets."

At the same time, however, 41% of companies believe that wireless services and apps aren't critical to their business.

Does your agency encourage mobile working?


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lauren said...
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lauren said...

Its really interesting survey and in fact I come in 71% who use the mobile technology but I can't believe that 41% of companies say that wireless services and apps aren't critical to their business.can it be true?
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