May 24, 2011

Professional Meeting Minutes from Your Tablet or Laptop with

GOVERNMENT FOLKS attend lots of meetings and as a result, there are lots of notes taken. Look around the conference room table and you'll see most people take notes with a pen on a standard writing tablet purchased at Office Depot. More advanced attendees prefer to take notes using a laptop computer loaded with Microsoft Word.

I'd like to share a simple and ever so elegant alternative. It's called ""

Meetings with colleagues can take place in person but they can also be held using technology with people scattered at remote locations. Regardless, one thing is for sure - there's still a need to keep an accurate record of what was discussed and what next actions are required. Those notes eventually need to be typed up, proofed and shared with colleagues.

To simplify the process,, a web app lets you take meeting minutes online and easily share them with others.

The app doesn't do anything more or less than you need it to. Its simple interface consists of a few text fields for pertinent meeting information like attendees, minute taker, location and agenda. Beneath is an area for adding minutes, categorizing them and giving them an owner and due date (who doesn't need this feature?). In the upper-left sit three buttons: one for emailing notes, one for printing notes and one that takes you back to a listing or previous meeting notes.

It's a breeze to take notes while conversing with others and send them right away. The app is free and you can use it in your browser without an Internet connection - and you don't need even need to sign up!

It's painless, easy and elegant. (And it looks so good on an iPad.)

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lauren said...

The alternate that you shared namely for taking notes and there management.I really feel that it really sounds promising.I am surely going to try this.Thanks
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