April 14, 2011

San Francisco Launches 'Let's Do It SF! Initiative'

CONGRATULATIONS TO San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera who has launched "Lets Do It SF!" initiative, in partnership with the Department of Public Works, SF Environment and 311. The effort aims to tackle the increasing incidents of illegal dumping and graffiti across San Francisco. It aims to empower local residents to use smartphone applications to report vandalism and to encourage volunteer cleanup participation.

The City Attorney's Office also launched a companion website, LetsDoItSF.org to support the initiative.

San Francisco residents can download a smartphone application or use the website to map existing blighted locations. The website will collect data which will hep City departments target areas where frequent illegal dumping and graffiti occur and feature guests blogs. Those without smart phones may still make a report by either calling 3-1-1 or visiting http://www.sfgov.org/311.

Established in 2008, the "Let's Do It!" campaign began with a visionary mobile waste-mapping effort in Estonia, which culminated in a countrywide cleanup in which more than 50,000 volunteers cleaned 10,000 tons of waste in a matter of hours. The SF project encourages a similar spirit of bold volunteerism and joins a global effort in support of the upcoming World Cleanup Day, a plan to stage massive single-day cleanups in more than a hundred participating countries starting March 24, 2012.

The reporting part of all of this is done by an application called 'SeeClickFix' and you could use it in your neighborhood to start your own cleanup effort. Visit the See Click Fix website to get started or check out the video.

OK, so I checked my town for issue reports on the website and discovered there were five incident listings for Redwood City, California. The reports included two potholes, one street light outage, one timing light off kilter and one low lighting with speeders issue.

The site allows you to click on a reported incident and find out its status. Each of the Redwood City reports was were "open" despite one being submitted over a year ago. (I thought I would drive by today and check one of the potholes.)

Another issue is that when I clicked on "Where did this report go?" - most of the issues had not been sent to the Mayor.

It just made me wonder how effective See Click Fix is as a standalone application?

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