April 6, 2011


WASHINGTON WILL become the second state in the nation (Oregon is the other state that allows all mail elections) to have all vote-by-mail elections under a bill that Governor Chris Gregoire signed into law Tuesday afternoon.

Senate Bill 5124, will replace a 2005 law that let all counties choose whether to have polling places or mail-in ballots, a move that supporters say will add clarity to state law and save money, but opponents say isn't fair to Pierce county, the only Washington county still to have in-person voting.

Secretary of State Sam Reed, said he had been a long-time supporter of bills to increase voting by mail in Washington, and it didn't make sense for his office to have to provide special outreach about in-person polling in Pierce County because so few people use it.

Reed said he had found mail-in ballots to increase voter participation, save money and give people time to do their research about the things they're voting for.

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